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Overwhelmed. Frustrated. Confused. Pressured. Anxious. Inadequate. Stressed. 

How do you feel when faced with pulling a kick-butt presentation together? 

  1. Time Constraints: Balancing a presentation alongside other responsibilities can be challenging. Finding time to research, organize, and create slides can be stressful, especially when deadlines are tight.

  2. Content Organization: Structuring the content in a coherent and engaging way can be difficult. Deciding what information to include, how to present it logically, and ensuring it flows smoothly can be a significant hurdle.

  3. Design and Visuals: Creating visually appealing slides that effectively convey the message without being overwhelming or too simplistic can be a struggle. Finding suitable images, creating diagrams, and ensuring consistency in design can take a lot of time and effort.

  4. Information Overload: Trying to condense a lot of information into a concise presentation can be challenging. It's essential to strike a balance between providing enough detail and not overwhelming the audience.

  5. Fear of Public Speaking: For some, the anxiety of presenting in front of an audience can be a significant pain point. This fear might overshadow the preparation process and impact the overall quality of the presentation.

  6. Audience Engagement: Ensuring that the presentation captivates and engages the audience throughout can be a concern. Keeping their attention, anticipating questions, and providing meaningful takeaways are essential but challenging.

But what if you had someone to spend a dedicated time with you to take you from those feelings of overwhelm and more, to feelings of Empowerment, Confidence, of Being Assured and Capable and Supported and more?

What if that support brought you the opposite of those problems?

  1. Time Constraints:

    • Support: A seasoned advisor cuts down on presentation building time and frees you up to get back to other things. 
  2. Content Organization:

    • Support: A skilled collaborator offers guidance on structuring the content logically, providing frameworks or templates, and assisting in crafting a compelling narrative that aligns with the presenter's goals.
  3. Design and Visuals:

    • Support: A design-savvy partner could assist in creating visually appealing slides, suggesting suitable images, ensuring consistency, and incorporating engaging visual elements that complement the content.
  4. Information Overload:

    • Support: A knowledgeable collaborator could help condense complex information, focusing on key points and providing guidance on what to emphasize, ensuring the audience receives the most critical information without feeling overwhelmed.
  5. Fear of Public Speaking:

    • Support: A supportive partner might offer tips, constructive feedback, and confidence-building techniques to help you feel more comfortable and prepared for the actual presentation.
  6. Audience Engagement:

    • Support: A collaborator experienced in audience engagement will provide tips on maintaining audience interest throughout the presentation.

"This is exactly what I needed!"  J

Your VIP Day package includes three phases: 


Warm Up

Our warm up comes in two parts: a questionnaire and an exploratory meeting to learn more about your speaking engagement.


The Big Day!

During this time, we walk along side you to craft your upcoming presentation using our compelling and thorough framework.


Follow Up

We follow up with you - once you have had time to practice your presentation - to see how things are going.

Limited Capacity

Because this exclusive offering includes a large, dedicated amount of our time, we have limited capacity on all of our VIP days. 

With this in mind, we have limited availability for these spots.


If you are interested in this VIP service, we want to get you on the books as quickly as we can to make sure you have time to work on your presentation. 

As indicated in phase three, Follow Up, we want to make sure your presentation is as amazing as you are so we give you one public-speaking skills session as a part of this package. 

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