VIP Presentation Building Day with Traci D. Poe

This three-phase exclusive service offers you, the VIP our dedicated working with you to create a powerful presentation that keeps your audience engaged.


1 - Warm Up - Our warm up comes in two parts: a questionnaire and a 30 - 45 minute exploratory meeting to learn more about your speaking engagement.

After receiving the questionnaire from you and after holding our meeting with you, we get busy on our end preparing for our intensive, concentrated VIP day. 


2 - The Big Day - Once your big day arrives, we get going on building out your presentation. During this virtual meeting, we walk along side you to craft your upcoming presentation using our compelling and thorough framework. 

Your VIP day is scheduled as a six-hour block, with breaks built in. Bring your snacks, plenty of water, and your lunch with you to the meeting. Meetings typically are scheduled from 9 am - 3 pm, CST.


3 - Follow Up - We follow up with you - once you have had time to practice your presentation - to see how things are going.

How do we do this? We ask that you set your camera up and record your presentation, then send it to us. From there, we will attentively view your presentation, focusing on not only your verbal  message, but also your non-verbal messages considering every aspect.

Finally, we will respond with our assessment.

Extra public speaking support is available if you would like to add those services as well.

Communicate Great's all-in dedicated time for your project is on average a minimum a 10-hour commitment.


VIP Day fees are non-refundable

$2,100.00 USD