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Know Thyself: A Glow and Grow Community for Leveling Up Your Interpersonal and Intrapersonal Communication


This foundational community offers you transformation in building Healthier Communication, Deeper Connections, and Beautiful Relationships with all the important people in your life.



Why learn about who you are?

Because in learning what your glows (your strengths) and grows (areas needing attention) are, only then transformation can begin.


Which of these impact your relationship with yourself and others?

__ Recurring conflicts: Frequent arguments or unresolved issues within relationships
__ Ineffective Communication: Difficulty in effectively communicating thoughts, feelings, or needs 

__ Unfulfilled expectations: Feeling consistently disappointed or let down by relationships, whether due to unmet expectations or mismatched needs

__ Repeated patterns: Recognizing repetitive unhealthy patterns in relationships

__ Emotional distress: Feeling consistently unhappy, anxious, or stressed in relationships 

__ Lack of boundaries: Difficulty in setting and maintaining healthy boundaries in relationships 

__ Self-esteem issues: Low self-esteem or self-worth can impact relationships

__ Life transitions: Major life changes like a breakup, divorce, career change, or loss 

__ Desire for personal growth: An innate desire to evolve and improve oneself

__ Feeling stuck or stagnant: Sensing a lack of progress or growth within relationships
__ What else would you add? 

When we have undergone positive, transformational changes we often experience a significant shift in how we perceive ourselves and engage in our own lives - intrapersonal - and in our interpersonal relationships.


Which of these do you long to see in your own life?

+ Enhanced self-awareness: Having a deeper understanding of your emotions, triggers, and behavioral patterns, allowing you to navigate relationships with more mindfulness.

+ Improved communication skills: Honing your ability to express yourself effectively, listen actively, and articulate your needs, fostering healthier and more open dialogues in relationships.

+ Established boundaries: Developing clear boundaries and the assertiveness to maintain them, allowing for healthier and more respectful interactions with others. 

+ Emotional resilience: Cultivating coping mechanisms and emotional resilience, enabling you to handle conflicts and stress in relationships more constructively.

+ Healthy self-esteem: Working on your self-worth, embracing your strengths and accepting your flaws, leading to increased self-confidence and a more positive self-image.

+ Break from toxic patterns: Consciously breaking free from repetitive negative relationship patterns, making mindful choices to avoid similar pitfalls. 

+ Adaptability and growth mindset: Adopting a growth mindset, welcoming change and personal growth as an ongoing process, allowing for more adaptability in relationships. 

+ Fulfillment and contentment: Experiencing a greater sense of contentment, having aligned your personal values and goals with your relationships, leading to a more fulfilling life.

+ Empathy and understanding: Developing a deeper sense of empathy and understanding towards others, fostering stronger connections and more meaningful relationships.

+ Openness to vulnerability: Embracing vulnerability as a strength, allowing yourself to be more open and authentic in relationships, fostering deeper connections.


In this Know Thyself Community of CommuniGreaters, you have access to a growing clearinghouse of invaluable tools and resources; powered by Communicate Great: Educate. Empower. Elevate.


Here is what you can look forward to:


+ Live Virtual Growth Gatherings - (recorded and posted as well) by community and guest experts,

+ Quizzes and assessments,

+ Recommended books, articles, blogs, and podcast episodes,

+ On-demand video resources  

+ Invitations to in-person events

+ Monthly bookclub

+ Challenges,

+ Email updates,

+ And more!


+ These powerful tools will spur on your personal growth in the areas of understanding yourself at a deeper level.

+ You get to decide the depth and the speed with which you analyze and address the areas that need strengthening, need a complete overhaul, or somewhere in between!


+ Armed with the invaluable tools of this community and your analysis of your own areas that need growth, you decide the speed of your personal elevational glow-up:

+ Connect with all of the important people in your life at a deeper level.

+ Live in continuous growth that is steeped in this community of golden resources and community experts establishing an investment in you! 

Please note that we are adding to these tools and resources continually which means the clearinghouse of information you have access to expands month by month, giving you more power to fuel your transformation. 

What are you waiting for? Join this Foundational Community and Start Your Relational Transformation Now!


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